Gear Keeper Webbing BeltFor maximum durability, safety and security, Hammerhead Industries can mount any of their 2-Axis retractable lanyards directly to their webbing belt. The 2-Axis retractor series permits 360 degree rotation on the belt as well as 180 degree swing-away from the body for full-range of motion accessibility. In addition, because of the universal movement of the dual action mechanism, resistance and line wear are minimized and the life of the tether is extended.
Once mounted on the belt, the retractor can be easily moved to different positions but remains impossible to dislodge. Optionally, the retractor/belt combination can be user-converted to a slide on/off unit for any belt while still maintaining the same security that prevents unwanted dislodging.
Requiring a minimum order of just 50 units, the factory mounted web belt/retractor tethering system is particularly valuable when working in close quarters or climbing. The retractable tether’s ultra low profile keeps tools and instruments close to the body while still allowing complete accessibility in all directions. Maintaining drop safety, the tether’s patented quick-connect side-release clip improves productivity by providing a method for easily exchanging one tool for another.
Many other options are available including: Retractor forces from 3 to 68 ounces; mounting fixtures include snap clip, rotating clip-on belt, 360 degree clamp-on clip; and split ring or fixed lanyard end type. Extension length is dependent upon the force selected and ranges from 16 to 42 inches. Like all retractables in the Gear Keeper line, the belt-mounted retractors are engineered so that the tool, application and recoil/retraction force are in balance. When the retractable tether is extended for use, only minimal force is necessary thereby avoiding worker fatigue or in the reverse, causing a ”kick” when the tool is automatically retracted.
For more information or to order the new Web Belt/Retractor system, contact Customer Service for assistance at 888.588.9981. To obtain your free copy of the new 12-page Safety Engineer’s Guide to Tool and Instrument Tethering, go to
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Gear Keeper tethers are products of Hammerhead Industries Inc the world’s leading manufacturer of unique personal safety tethering equipment including retractable tethers and lanyards for tools, gear and instruments. Covered by numerous patents, Gear Keeper tethers are precision made systems that keep tools and instruments safe, secure and close at hand. With more than 3,000 configuration options and over one million systems in use, Gear Keeper tethers are found world-wide in a range of applications including fire/rescue, law enforcement, military, wind power generation, industrial safety, trucking, oil and gas exploration, outdoors/hunting, SCUBA/fishing, communications and more. All of the company’s products are built “Hammerhead Tough” in the USA. To find a dealer near you or for more information about any Gear Keeper product, contact Customer Service, Hammerhead Industries Inc, 1501 Goodyear Avenue, Ventura, California. 93003 or call (888) 588-9981. You may also visit