Gear Keeper’s two new wrist lanyard systems can safely handle tools up to 5 lbs. Productivity is significantly increased by the company’s patented Quick Connect tool attachment connecting devices that permit secure, fast and easy connection / disconnection of tools. Users can easily change out and use many tools with just one lanyard by fitting additional male connectors to all tools being used and merely unclick one tool and attach another.  

The new wrist lanyards are particularly valuable when the task involves climbing or working at heights or when a short drop distance is required. Unlike “off-the-shelf” standard wrist lanyards, which can actually create productivity-limiting hazards, the Gear Keeper tethering systems insures dependable at-heights safety. 

The two Gear Keeper wrist lanyard systems, popular choices of safety engineers, are the models TL1-2007 and TL1-2008 Retractable Wrist Lanyards. Both models offer comfortable nylon webbing Velcro wrist attachment straps. They are available in high visibility safety orange with serial numbers to satisfy traceability standards. Both models also offer inexpensive additional lanyard attachments for multiple tool use. 

The TL1-2007 Deluxe Wrist Lanyard has a side release disconnect barrel lock offering an ample user- comfortable, 10” extended length. The wrist lanyard comes complete with the model #ACO-0206, Barrel Lock Nylon lanyard connector. The TL1-2008 Deluxe Wrist Lanyard, which also has a 10” extended length comes with the model #ACO-0207 Stainless Steel Snap Lanyard connector. 

For more information about Gear Keeper Retractable and Non-Retractable Wrist Lanyard Systems — or any of the companyʼs other innovative tethering products, the full line of Gear Keeper’s tool and instrument tethers, lanyards and accessories call (888) 588-9981. You may also visit

About Hammerhead Industries

Gear Keeper tethers and lanyards are products of Hammerhead Industries, Inc., the world’s leading manufacturer of unique personal safety tethering equipment including retractable tethers and lanyards for tools, gear and instruments. Covered by numerous patents, Gear Keeper tethers are precision made systems that keep tools and instruments safe, secure and close at hand. With more than 3,000 configuration options and over one million systems in use, Gear Keeper tethers are found world-wide in a range of applications including fire/rescue, law enforcement, military, wind power generation, industrial safety, trucking, oil and gas exploration, outdoors/hunting, SCUBA/fishing, communications and more. All of the company’s products are built “Hammerhead Tough” in the USA. To find a dealer near you or for more information about any Gear Keeper product, contact Customer Service, Hammerhead Industries Inc, 1501 Goodyear Avenue, Ste. C, Ventura, California. 93003 or call (888) 588-9981. You may also visit