DosposaConesThe importance of public safety is unquestionable and undeniable; public safety must never be compromised because of budget cuts, storage space or inconvenience. Fortunately, the cost-effective DisposaCone has been approved under Section 6i of the federal Manual for Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) as a temporary traffic control device, which makes DisposaCone the nation’s first disposable device approved for roadway use, emergency or otherwise.

“There are situations where safety cones are necessary but not always readily accessible,” said Chief James Roop of the Haymarket Virginia Police Department. “The DisposaCone fills a much needed void in the instance of an emergency situation.”

At 18-inches in height and highly visible in the widely recognized fluorescent safety orange color, DisposaCone is a retroreflective barricade that provides valuable public warning under most conditions and is not a cumbersome burden in vehicles or, most importantly, for department budgets:

DisposaCones fold flat for easy and compact storage. First responders can store 30 cones  – roughly two-thirds the height of a quart-sized bottle of motor oil – under almost any seat, a vehicle trunk or motorcycle saddlebags, providing much needed room for other vital equipment.

DisposaCones are inexpensive, with a single 3-pack costing nearly half of just one traditional 18-inch tall cone. Law enforcement and other first responders are better prepared for situations at minimal cost, allowing scarce budgetary funds to be used at maximum efficiency.

DisposaCones are convenient and efficient. With their adhesive butyl base, they attach well to any firm surface (watch video here) and won’t need to be put back upright or chased down in the wind. They can also be left standing for up to 7 days before removal and recycling.

MUTCD approval makes DisposaCone the ideal temporary barricade for private citizens, law enforcement agencies and emergency response teams who want to keep safety a priority while still saving space, money and time.

About DisposaCone

DisposaCone is a cost effective temporary traffic device that can be used in instances of necessary barricades. A division of Vanguard ADA Systems, DisposaCone offers products in line with its parent company’s detectable warning system and other safety products for the visually impaired. Visit for more information about DisposaCone and its latest safety accessory, the Brite-Strike variable speed LED light strips – seen from at least a quarter mile away and with a 150+ hour lifespan, the LED light strip is a valuable addition to enhance the visibility of DisposaCone.