PelicanA quickly growing company, Pelican Products, Inc., is a leading manufacturer of professional lighting cases systems. Its products are used by professionals in the most demanding markets, including firefighters, police, defense and military, aerospace, entertainment, industrial and consumer. Pelican views safety as essential to continued profitability and growth. But the manufacturing processes involved in making its products involve heavy machinery that can create potential hazards. The company is adopting operational risk management solutions from SAP AG (NYSE: SAP) in an effort drive a consistent safety culture across the organization, and enable participation and clear communication among relevant stakeholders.

More than doubling its revenue since 2007, Pelican has been expanding rapidly both organically and through acquisitions. Three years ago, Pelican made a major acquisition of its long-time competitor, Hardigg Industries, and needed a way to unify the two safety cultures together into one approach that allowed for better operational risk management. Like many manufacturers, Pelican used manual, departmental and home-grown systems to comply with environmental, health and safety (EHS) regulations and ensure the safety of its employees.

 The company turned to SAP to consolidate and automate its safety management methodology, maintain consistency in the recording and reporting of EHS data and provide transparency from the highest levels of the company down to the shop floor.  With incident management capabilities in the SAP® EHS Management application, managers can now automatically and specifically identify the root cause of accidents and map them out via interactive dashboards. The company also standardized on SAP® Business Suite, uniting its 22 former platforms into one platform to meet all its strategic and operational needs.

 “SAP is the platform that ties all our business systems together and allows us to create a consistent safety culture across all entities,” said Ellenmary Michel, vice president, Worldwide Human Resources, Pelican Products. “The new SAP EHS Management deployment will provide us with real transparency. If there’s an incident or a near miss, our executive officers are notified automatically so we can act quickly and proactively. That’s important to us.”;

 Pelican is dedicated to responsible global growth and has set aggressive business goals over the next several years. The company will rely on SAP EHS Management to gain a holistic understanding of incidents and “near-misses.” One of the first customers to go live on the latest incident management solution from SAP, Pelican uses the available tools to analyze each occurrence, identify safety “hot spots” and take proactive steps to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future.  Pelican’s long-term EHS goal is to significantly reduce the number of workplace injuries so that employees remain healthy and productive.

The Pelican EHS team looks forward to engaging the entire company to foster a more forward-thinking safety environment. To help democratize its safety culture, the company is considering the SAP® EHS Safety Issue mobile app to take videos or photographs of potential safety hazards and enter them directly into the workflow for corrective action. The company is also considering SAP to help track its environmental initiatives and compliance with regulations such as RoHS, WEEE and REACH.

 For SAP, an effective operational risk management strategy helps customers to protect people, assets and the environment while safeguarding their bottom line. SAP EHS Management is the foundation of operational risk management solutions from SAP.