SEMPERMED SemperGuard Vinyl Powdered gloveSempermed, one of the world's leading manufacturers and suppliers of hand protection, is pleased to introduce its new SemperGuard® Vinyl Powdered industrial glove.

SemperGuard® Vinyl Powdered industrial gloves are manufactured with protection, comfort and value in mind. SemperGuard® Vinyl Powdered industrial gloves are designed with a lightly powdered inner coating, which creates a glove that is both smooth and easy to don in wet environments.

A non-latex product, SemperGuard® Vinyl Powdered industrial gloves are an ideal choice for those who suffer from latex sensitivities. Additionally, because of its strength, reliability and fit SemperGuard® Vinyl Powdered gloves are most popular among those involved in the food preparation industry.

SemperGuard ® Vinyl Powdered industrial gloves are available in a variety of sizes including small through extra large. The product reorder numbers are as follows: VP102 (size small), VP103 (size medium), VP104 (size large), and VP105 (size x-large).

Sempermed is a vertically integrated manufacturer that provides focused sales, marketing, and logistical support to those in need of hand protection. For more information on Sempermed or our innovative products, please contact us at Sempermed USA, Inc., 13900 49th Street North, Clearwater FL 33762 or call 800-366-9545.