Top Products of the WeekKoby Environmental, Inc. rolls out new monitor well safety lockout tag kit

New monitor well safety lockout tag kit. Use with or without pad locks for well security. “Finally a professional alternative to pad locks!” Unique design fits virtually all well security devices. Low cost tags make field updates…Read more>>


 What's new at Youngstown Glove Company for October 2012!

Youngstown FR Waterproof Leather Lined with Kevlar Glove takes performance leather to another level

There are performance leather gloves, and then there is the Youngstown® FR Waterproof Leather lined with Kevlar® glove which boasts the ultimate in protection and functionality for industrial, electrical and gas utility workers. Winterized, waterproof, flame-resistant and cut-resistant, the glove also combines arc flash protection, all with unmatched comfort and durability.

Let’s face it – your hands are your job. An accident to your hands would be more than detrimental. What’s more, your job is dangerous, more dangerous than most.  Vulnerable to everything from sharp wire and tools to…Read more>>

Arcster arc rated glove

Revco Industries, the company behind the Black Stallion and BSX brands, is excited to present the Arcster™ A60, one of the first arc rated gloves on the market.

With supple kidskin leather, the Arcster™ A60 is exceptionally comfortable and boasts an amazing level of dexterity for hand protectionthat has such a high relative arc rating. Contributing less to hand fatigue than styles with heavier stiff leather, this form-fitting glove allows for…Read more>>