Detcon's SmartWireless Site Sentinel
Detcon's SmartWireless® Site Sentinel is a rugged stand-alone gas detection system designed for use in both light and heavy industrial environments. A Site Sentinel network can include up to 32 detectors.

Detcon’s SmartWireless® Site Sentinel is the most powerful stand-alone gas detection system designed for fixed, semi-fixed and transportable use in light and heavy industrial environments. The wireless, battery-powered system monitors for dangerous toxic and combustible gases through new-to-market wireless network innovations and offers the safest, most comprehensive and flexible gas detection system available today.

The advanced monitoring system is easy to customize and each system can be fitted with a number of components including toxic and infrared hydrocarbon combustible gas detectors, controllers, remote HMIs, solar panels, and alarm and signaling stations. Flexible and expandable, each system can include up to 32 detectors and consist of any combination of wired or wireless devices. Critical fault diagnostics are available locally or through a link to other members of the network. Power options for system components include disposable batteries, rechargeable battery packs with solar power options, and line power. 

The SmartWireless Site Sentinel system operates on a network through an innovative “Self-Healing Mesh Network” topology that allows each device to act as a router or repeater for all other devices in the network. Designed with Detcon’s patent-pending “Fault Tolerant Safety Network” technology, the Site Sentinel network architecture ensures “no single point of failure” within the system, allowing any device on the network to take control as the "master" should the designated master device fail.

The SmartWireless® gas detection sensors are designed for use in hazardous Class I, Division 1, Group C, D areas and the controllers, network HMIs, solar panels, and alarm stations are suitable for Class I, Division 1 and Division 2 areas.

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