NIOSHA recently published review by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) of hazards related to All-Terrain vehicle use shows that work-related injuries are on the rise. NIOSH estimates that 11 million of these vehicles were in use in 2010 (for both recreational and work-related purposes).

Forty-one workers were killed using ATVs in the final year of the NIOSH study. OSHA has published a Safety and Health Information Bulletin on hazards of ATV use in the workplace that provides information on the operating conditions and specific activities that most often lead to ATV-related injuries and fatalities; the guidelines and training an employer can use to help protect employees; and the work practices that workers can follow to reduce the potential for ATV-related accidents.

For additional information on ATV safety, see the NIOSH publication All-Terrain Vehicle Safety at Work (PDF*).