Vendor NewsRAE Systems Inc. today announced its latest wireless gas-detection monitoring instruments are now available to first-response organizations participating in the Hazardous Incident Response Equipment (HIRE) agreement.

Developed by the New York State Comptroller’s Office in response to the 9-11 attacks, and then made available to other states, the HIRE process eliminates time-consuming bid requirements and provides greater flexibility in allocating equipment-related purchasing, which allows emergency response organizations to significantly simplify and expedite the procurement process for safety equipment. Currently, 17 states are members of the HIRE agreement, which has been extended through May 31, 2015.

RAE Systems’ newest wireless portable gas detection instruments that are now part of the HIRE contract include the MultiRAE family of multi-threat instruments and the ToxiRAE Pro family of wireless personal single-gas monitors. The company’s industry-leading AreaRAE wireless multi-gas and radiation detection system and QRAE II, as well as other products, have already been sold to participating departments through the HIRE agreement.

In 2012, the State of Delaware’s selection committee used the HIRE agreement to choose RAE Systems’ QRAE II pumped gas detectors and AutoRAE Lite automated bump-test and calibration stations. Delaware standardized on the QRAE II and AutoRAE gas detectors and issued them to all fire-service departments throughout the state. The selection committee also utilized a multi-state procurement contract designed to simplify and expedite procurement of hazardous-incident-response equipment. The cross-state adoption of RAE Systems’ monitors is part of the Delaware’s continuing effort to standardize its gas-detection monitoring equipment to enhance safety for first responders and the residents they protect.

“Nearly all of the member states have taken advantage of the HIRE contract over the years to easily procure advanced equipment from RAE Systems at fair-market, pre-negotiated price levels,” said RAE Systems’ Vice President of Products and Marketing Thomas Nègre. “This is a successful program that many departments have taken advantage of to streamline and simplify their equipment purchases.”

Hazardous Incident Response Equipment (HIRE) Agreement

The HIRE agreement allows state, county and municipal entities within the member states to easily and seamlessly procure “domestic preparedness and emergency-response equipment” from RAE Systems and other vendors. The 17-member states eligible to participate in the agreement are: Alaska, Arkansas, California, Delaware, Florida, Kansas, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri, New York, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Dakota, Virginia and West Virginia.

Easy Standardization, Best Solutions For Emergency Responders
Emergency responders nationwide continue to look for ways to further safety-equipment interoperability to ensure compatibility and familiarity when working with responders from other departments.

The MultiRAE family combines best-in-class gas- and radiation-detection capabilities with integrated wireless functionality and man-down alarms to keep emergency responders safe. The MultiRAE Pro Portable Multi-Threat Monitor can be easily configured to detect and monitor more than 300 volatile organic compounds (VOCs), gamma radiation, 55 combustible gases and vapors, and 25 specific toxic gases – up to six threats at a time – all in a single, highly versatile monitor.

MultiRAE monitors provide both personal- and point-detection capabilities for a broad range of applications, including HazMat response, military, homeland security, and industrial safety and industrial hygiene. When deployed on RAE Systems ProRAE Guardian Wireless Safety Monitoring System, MultiRAE instruments use a five-way notification system for gas, radiation and man-down alarms to provide instantaneous and unmistakable on-scene alerts while warning safety officers at a remote command center.

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