RAE Systems Inc., the leader in innovative toxic-gas and radiation detection solutions, today announced its family of ToxiRAE Pro wireless single-gas monitors has been upgraded to provide added functionality and threat protection. Upgrades include ToxiRAE Pro CO2, the industry's first wireless single-gas instrument monitoring for CO2, integrated "man-down" alarm and unique compliance check feature in all ToxiRAE Pro instruments, and the new AutoRAE 2 Test and Calibration Cradle for all ToxiRAE Pros.

The new ToxiRAE Pro products and enhancements build on the industry's first and broadest family of wireless personal single-gas monitors, and help advance organizational safety and compliance across a broad array of industries where exposure to toxic gases is a constant safety threat. These industries include: industrial refiningenvironmental clean-up, energy exploration, HazMat and emergency response.

New Features: Man-Down and Policy Enforcement 

ToxiRAE Pro monitors now come equipped with an accelerometer, known as a G-sensor, which senses if a worker is immobile for a period of time. If a user becomes immobile, this new built-in man-down alarm feature simultaneously alerts others in the area, and sends a wireless alarm to a remote safety team.

This is the first time in the industry that a man-down feature has been integrated into a single-gas monitor. Another industry first for single-gas monitors is RAE Systems' unique policy enforcement feature, assuring safety managers that their workers comply with company safety policies and regulations.

New ToxiRAE Pro CO2 Sensor and ToxiRAE Pro Cradle for AutoRAE2

ToxiRAE Pro CO2 is the industry's first wireless single-gas device designed specifically to monitor carbon dioxide (CO2). Equipped with an NDIR (nondispersive infrared) sensor, it protects people by informing them of hazardous environments in which carbon dioxide, an odorless, colorless gas, is present.

The AutoRAE 2 Automatic bump test and Calibration System -- with one-button simplicity -- now has a cradle for the ToxiRAE Pro family. The upgraded system now supports all ToxiRAE Pro and MultiRAE family monitors, making it the most complete and powerful solution for keeping gas-detection equipment accurate, users safe and facilities in compliance with internal policies and government regulations.

"There is more and more focus on risk mitigation and compliance regulations in the industrial world," stated Thomas Negre, RAE Systems Vice President of Products and Marketing. "Managers need to make sure that workers are protected and they comply with policy and regulation. Until now, gas detectors were designed only for gas hazards. Now the integrated 'man-down' alarm, and AutoRAE 2 calibration and testing capabilities allow organizations to keep equipment accurate, facilities in compliance with internal policies, and most important, their workers safe."

RAE Systems ToxiRAE Pro Family of Wireless Single Gas Monitors

ToxiRAE Pro monitors are part of RAE Systems' portfolio of proven wireless gas-detection solutions that put customers in control of their threat data -- wirelessly and dependably. ToxiRAE Pro monitors provide safety professionals anytime, anywhere access to real-time instrument readings and alarm status for better visibility of safety data and faster alarm response. ToxiRAE Pro wireless monitors are deployable on RAE Systems' ProRAE Guardian Real-time Wireless Safety System for anytime, anywhere data delivery of threat detection, as well as on the company's closed loop EchoView Host-based wireless detection system that allows users to view data from up to eight ToxiRAE Pro and MultiRAE multigas monitors.


The ToxiRAE Pro CO2 and ToxiRAE Pro cradle for AutoRAE2 are available now. Orders will be accepted through RAE Systems distributors beginning April 15, 2013. Customers interested in obtaining more information or purchasing the ToxiRAE Pro CO2 and ToxiRAE Pro Cradle for AutoRAE 2 should contact their RAE Systems Distributor or regional sales manager.

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