Product InnovationsMSA introduces V-Gard Headgear – protection specifically designed to safeguard the face when no helmet is required. Available in two versions: General Purpose and Elevated Temperature (Extended Crown).
V-Gard Headgear weighs less than most competitive products and provides better balance, security and overall fit.  Our unique, patent-pending infini-just lift/closure offers customized visor placement, with easy to grip, self-retained knobs. That means unlimited visor position location is now possible - without removable parts to misplace!  The replaceable, sweat-wicking, cushioned headband and ratchet cover helps keep workers dry and cool. 
Designed to provide greater comfort to the wearer, V-Gard Headgear delivers the same high level of protection that our V-Gard brand is known for globally. In fact, nearly 90% of those who tested V-Gard Headgear indicated they would buy it over what they currently use. For additional information, please visit or call 1-800-MSA-2222.