Saflok® Hybrid Mining Swivel Anchor

Saflok Hybrid Mining Swivel Anchor

Capital Safety, home of the DBI-SALA® and PROTECTA® brands of fall protection equipment, introduces the Saflok® Hybrid Mining Swivel Anchor and the Saflok® Mining Bolt Anchor, two anchorage connectors designed to offer the best underground protection for workers employed in mining or tunneling applications. Both mining products are removable, simple to employ, and multi-directional, giving them the ability to work in horizontal, vertical, and overhead surfaces.

The innovative Hybrid Mining Swivel Anchor, which has a 5,000 pound maximum capacity, is a semi-permament solution designed exclusively for insertion within a 39 mm or 47 mm friction rock bolt. By rotating the bolt, the user can expand or retract the two wedges to secure or remove the anchor from the friction rock bolt. The Hybrid Mining Swivel Anchor also features a swivel ring anchorage connection point for ease of use and mobility in various applications.

The Mining Bolt Anchor, also capable of supporting 5,000 pounds, is a portable friction rock bolt anchorage connector that inserts directly inside a 39 mm or 47 mm friction rock bolt. The Mining Bolt Anchor features a spring-tensioned trigger and two retractor cables that allow for immediate removal and relocation to another hole. The swiveling O-ring feature serves as the anchorage connection point, allowing for an easy hook up.

“We wanted to expand our line of product offerings for those working in the mining industries,” said Joe Yeatman, systems and anchors product manager at Capital Safety. “We put a lot of thought and research into the Saflok Hybrid Mining Swivel Anchor and the Saflok Mining Bolt Anchor, resulting in two new products that are ideal for fall arrest, restraint, work positioning and rescue systems.”

The Hybrid Mining Swivel Anchor and the Mining Bolt Anchor offer both a temporary and a more permanent solution to anchorage connection in mines, depending on the location and the size of the friction rock bolt. Both anchors meet all applicable OSHA and ANSI industry standards.

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