heatIn the midst of a chemical eye burn, panic ensues. Our senses become rendered and instinct naturally takes over. Our reflexes instantly rush us to the nearest location we are programmed to believe offers relief…the sink.

Speakman® is proud to unveil the SEF-1801 Eyesaver™, the latest revolutionary new addition to the SEF Eyesaver™ family of eyewash systems. This revolutionary new product combines a fully functional widespread laboratory faucet with an independently operated eyewash.

The SEF-1801 features two separate water supplies built within its single post design. This ensures that safe, tepid water will consistently flush into the victim’s eyes, regardless if hot water if lowing from the faucet simultaneously. A simple lift of the easily recognizable activator releases soothing, aerated sprays into the victim’s eyes

The Speakman® SEF-1801 is 100% ANSI Z358.1 certified, features 3-hole installation and solves most eyewash station problems, is available  in a 8 in. spout version (SEF-1801-8_ and can save potential long lasting eye injuries in a precise, efficient manner.

About Speakman Company

Since its founding in 1869, the Speakman® Company dedicates their practices to three simple principles: Quality, durability and consistent innovation. In the early 20th Century, Speakman® revolutionized bathing with the introduction of their patented Anystream® 360 technology, allowing bathers to choose unlimited spray patterns that perfectly suit their preference. Nearly 100 years since its inception, that same technology is still considered the standard in bathing excellence as it is a benchmark in luxury hotels around the globe. Speakman’s full line of emergency eye wash and shower equipment continue to redefine safety with unique, ground-breaking equipment geared at constantly improving potentially hazardous environments. Today, Speakman® continues to innovate by developing beautiful, full bathroom hospitality collections aimed at transforming the bathroom with inspiring elegance.

For nearly 145 years, Speakman® continues to be a trusted plumbing pioneer by producing products that solve each and every plumbing inquiry. From commercial plumbing to residential bathing, Speakman® remains true to the principles that made their name famous: Timeless elegance, proven durability and providing bathers with a luxury hotel experience. For more information on Speakman®, please visit our website at speakmancompany.com