OSHAA worker who sought emergency treatment for leg burns due to an acid spill alerted OSHA to a lack of PPE at a company that uses acid, hazardous chemicals, lead and cadmium in its Illinois manufacturing facility. The company, Advanced Strobe Products, manufactures strobe and other lights for the aerospace, photographic, vehicular, warning, beacon, and machine industries.

OSHA inspectors found that Advanced Strobe Products failed to:

  • ensure use of personal protective equipment, such as impervious aprons, boots, and eye and face protection to prevent exposure to acid and other hazardous materials
  • provide an emergency eyewash station in the acid room
  • develop a respiratory protection program
  • ensure the use of NIOSH-certified respirators for the hazards present in the workplace
  • provide medical evaluations and fit-testing for workers required to use respirators.

OSHA also cited the lack of machine guarding on a welder; failure to train workers on safety precautions and the use of hazardous chemicals, such as acid, lead and cadmium, surfaces not maintained free of lead and cadmium; not developing a hazard communication program; and for the use of a spray booth constructed of wood, which is a combustible material.

The company was cited for a total of 16 health and safety violations carrying proposed fines of $50,785.

One other-than-serious violation was cited for failing to record the acid spill injury that occurred in January 2013 on the OSHA injury and illness log.