stressWork-related stress is one of the main reasons given by the 47 percent of German workers who say they doubt that they’ll be able to continue working under their current employment conditions until retirement age (67 in Germany).

That finding from a recent survey in the framework of the DGB index Gute Arbeit (Decent Work) points to the fact "that the current working conditions have a negative influence on the future working capacity of most employees among which those working in the care and hospitality sectors and temporary agency workers,” according to the European Trade Union Institute (ETUI).

Increasing stress in the workplace is one of the factors cited for the pessimistic prognosis.

DGB President Michael Sommer said the German government must acknowledge that a retirement age of 67 is unrealistic.

“Instead, one has to urgently improve working conditions and health protection at the workplace so that it becomes possible for employees to perform their job until the age of 65,” says the ETUI.