Morgantown, PA– Rigid Lifelines®, a leading provider and manufacturer of engineered fall protection systems and accessories, has officially launched the Anchor Trolley™.

Trolleys are designed to connect a worker to a horizontal track fall protection system and roll along with the worker as they move. The Anchor Trolley is the first fall protection trolley to feature a fully automatic braking mechanism that locks in place after a fall. This means that a fallen worker stays closer to their fall point, thereby increasing their chance for self-rescue and reducing their risk of injury.

If a worker falls while connected with other trolleys, they are more likely to drift away from the area where they fell. Drifting is dangerous because it makes self-rescue unlikely and increases the likelihood of a worker suffering suspension trauma.

This newly designed fall protection connection device now comes standard on with all Rigid Lifelines horizontal lifeline fall protection systems.

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