Rigid Lifelines™, a leading provider and manufacturer of engineeredfall protectionsystems and accessories, introduces the Griffin™ portable fall protection system.

The Griffin system provides workers at height with portable, custom engineered, fall protection solutions. This portability makes the Griffin an ideal solution for vehicle loading, unloading, and maintenance applications for flatbed trucks, railcars, and airplanes.  However, the Griffin is also great for construction applications where fall protection is needed, but a permanent system isn’t an option. The Griffin moves easily with either a forklift, heavy-duty pickup truck, or other small towing vehicles to virtually any location. Once the system is in place, you can use the different leveling components in the chassis for added stability. 

Accompanying the launch of the Griffin is the application site www.griffinfallprotection.com. The site features interactive scenarios that show the challenges and hazards facing workers at height in the trucking, railcar, and aviation industries. After learning about the various hazards, visitors are shown how a Griffin fall protection system can minimize the risk of injury during a fall event. The site also hosts literature and image pack downloads, application videos for both skidded and wheeled Griffin systems, and downloadable iPhone wallpapers.  The Griffin application site can be viewed on laptops, desktops, smart phones, or tablets.      

Rigid Lifelines™ is headquartered in Morgantown, Pennsylvania, and is America’s preferred provider of rigid horizontal fall protection systems, rooftop fall protection systems, soft goods, and accessories. Rigid Lifelines has over a decade of experience engineering, designing, and testing engineered fall protection systems. Visit our website and learn why Rigid Lifelines is the Future of Fall Protection™.

To learn more about Rigid Lifelines products, please visit www.rigidlifelines.com. If you would like to receive any of our promotional literature, please contact, Rebecca Mamola, Marketing Coordinator, Rigid Lifelines, at (800) 869-2080 or rmamola@rigidlifelines.com.