Vendor NewsJ. J. Keller & Associates, Inc. has partnered with fellow regulatory experts U.S. Compliance Corporation (USCC) to offer a unique on-site compliance monitoring service. The Environmental, Health & Safety Compliance Monitoring System (CMS) provides third-party validation of EH&S compliance from the experienced professionals at J. J. Keller and U. S. Compliance. This service examines and ranks a range of environmental, health and safety factors and provides expert advisement based on the results  to help clients better manage their internal EH&S efforts.

Clients of this service will have a dedicated J. J. Keller/USCC compliance expert conduct an on-site visit at least once per year, performing a detailed assessment of their facility’s EPA and/or OSHA compliance status. The advisor will rate each site based on key areas and document the findings in a report containing:

Site Summary

  • Facility Inspection Rating
  • Policy/Training Rating
  • Corrective Action Item List

The advisor will meet with the client to discuss the findings, as well as to brainstorm ideas for continuous improvement to their EH&S management system and how to best incorporate any regulatory and internal changes.
“This service provides an objective, third-party evaluation of EH&S compliance that benefits virtually any facility that is subject to OSHA or EPA scrutiny,” said Steve Murray, Senior Director of Consulting Services for J. J. Keller & Associates. “We offer a simple, easily understood compliance rating system that maintains consistency between multiple locations, drives accountability, and gives customers access to expert support throughout the year.”

Jim Ginther, owner of U.S. Compliance, added, “The partnership between U.S. Compliance and J. J. Keller has enabled us to offer an unprecedented level of service. We can accommodate companies of virtually any size and scope, in every state as well as Canada. Our combined team of experts has a thorough understanding of the federal regulations as well as the state and local requirements for environmental compliance.”

To learn more about the J. J. Keller/U.S. Compliance EH&S Compliance Monitoring System, visit or call 888-473-4638.

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