New Ipswich, NH – September 9, 2013 – Warwick will introduce CP Recycling, the firstTurtleSkinrecycling glove, at the 2013 NSC Congress & Expo in Chicago, IL.

Challenged by the recycling industry to deliver a lightweight and comfortable glove that remained reliable cut and puncture resistant, Warwick Mills began research and development of TurtleSkin CP Recycling Glove in Spring, 2013.CP Recycling Glove

This resulting glove provides the recycling industry robust needle and cut protection to face today’s recycling challenges hands on.

TurtleSkin CP Recycling is a nitrile dipped glove with higher than average levels of cut and puncture resistance, yet it’s surprisingly soft and lightweight. Equipped with protection properties of ANSI cut level 4, ANSI puncture level 4 and WMI hypodermic needle level 4, CP Recycling tackles the hidden dangers of belt sorting for pros.

“In recent years the recycling industry has seen a spike in amount of discarded needles in their belt sorting lines at Material Recovery Facilities (MRF’s),” says Scott Gallant, Account Manager at TurtleSkin Gloves. “Due to the seriousness of a needle stick injury and the potential spread of life threatening blood borne pathogens, the recycling industry takes this safety concern for their personnel very seriously. The challenge was providing them with a glove that that stands up in a highly abrasive application and gives hypodermic needle protection while still being comfortable and easy to sort recycling. Not an easy task.”

With the highest possible ANSI abrasion level 6, this soft but durable glove will continue to safeguard workers from unexpected threats like needle sticks, sharp metal shards and broken glass time and time again.

Warwick is an engineering leader in the materials science industry and specializes in the research and development of new flexible composites for advanced solutions to the most challenging safety applications -- including protective materials for NASA’s space missions.  

TurtleSkin offers a full range of safety gloves, as well as law enforcement and corrections applications gloves. For more information, please visit