Tell us a little about the history of your company.

Warwick Mills is a leader in the engineering of technical textiles for protective applications. We develop and integrate complex fiber composites for the most challenging safety applications. Our cooperative development strategy relies on our core technologies in technical textiles, custom adhesives, and performance coatings, from research and development to testing and full-scale manufacturing. This strategy ensures customer confidence for every challenge.

Founded in 1870 in New Ipswich, N.H., Warwick Mills still operates the 143-year-old plant with a workforce of about 100 employees. Our rich heritage, coupled with innovation, excellence and ability to adapt are the driving forces behind our continued success.

What has been your company’s business strategy to gain market share?

Our motto is, and has always been, The Science of Protection. The ability to manufacture products backed by science has continuously placed us at the forefront of innovation. Our products have been engineered to protect and perform at top levels. In the workforce, people rely on our expertise and deep industry knowledge. We continue to grow and gain market share in the U.S., as well as overseas.

Describe the core branded products your company promotes.

TurtleSkin Safety Gloves: From needle sticks to nails, TurtleSkin Industrial Safety Gloves provide outstanding cut and puncture protection. Patented TurtleSkin PPE safety gloves and sleeves are available in several styles and are designed to provide protection even on the toughest jobs.

TurtleSkin Tactical Gloves: TurtleSkin tactical gloves offer unsurpassed needle, knife and razor protection for military, police, security guards and corrections officers. Military, law enforcement and corrections facilities trust TurtleSkin to provide their personnel the most advanced personal protective equipment.

TurtleSkin Body Armor: TurtleSkin Body Armor offers a new approach to ballistic and stab protection, with testing methods that go beyond industry minimum requirements to ensure higher safety margins for ballistic and blunt trauma protection.

Our soft panel body armor is engineered to a higher standard, from inspiration to design to development. This means a body armor package that provides significant tactical advantages without sacrificing comfort, flexibility, or concealability.

Known in the industry as the Corrections Experts, TurtleSkin’s patented, high-performance products offer superior protection from cuts, stabs and other harmful threats in high-risk situations.

TurtleSkin SnakeArmor: TurtleSkin SnakeArmor hunting and hiking clothing prevent snake bites and protect from thorns, briar, bramble, brush, and cactus.

The patented fabric is one-third the weight of other hunting gear, yet is strong enough to stop the bites of large, venomous rattlesnakes, copperheads and cottonmouth snakes.

The advanced weave of high-strength ballistic fibers is waterproof and windproof, so you can enjoy hunting and hiking and not worry about snake bites, rain, or chilling winds.

TurtleSkin WaterArmor: TurtleSkin WaterArmor personal protective equipment offers increased water jet protection at all pressures at specified flow rates for UHP water blasting operators using straight or rotary nozzles. WaterArmor’s hinged panel design allows for greater flexibility and range of motion. Our patented fabric system bends with the body, while each suit component panel moves independently. TurtleSkin WaterArmor is CE Certified Personal Protective Equipment.

How do distributors contribute to your success in the marketplace?

Distributors are an integral part of our distribution; they are the backbone.

Do you offer distributors training and other value-added services?

Yes, we offer on-site training, webinars, and telephone customer support.

What business characteristics do you look for when selecting to work with a distributor?

We look for distributors that have local distribution with industrial manufacturers. Distribution is about working with the customers to meet their specific needs — we look to the distributor to help keep that connection on how those needs change, so we can react together. We also look to the distributor to assist in data collection of customer feedback on new product wear trials.

Do you have any recent news to report?

TurtleSkin has recently expanded its glove manufacturing in New Hampshire to react to the strong demand for the new TurtleSkin CP gloves with needle protection and cut, particularly in the recycling industry.

Describe your current financial picture.

From the market decline of a few years back, we are now seeing steady growth, with a 3-5 year trendline of 10-percent growth each year. This has been driven by new products with a technology edge at competitive pricing.

What should distributors know about your company’s future?

Our glove line and PPE line continues to grow backed by a commitment to research and development focus on product improvements and new products. Innovation is the key to our technology and the key to our distribution.

Warwick Mills;; (888) 477-4675