Vendor NewsSpringfield announces that it will manufacture and distribute DuPont™ Nomex® MHP in North America. This new high-performance fabric provides inherent FR protection against heat and flame, electric arc, and small molten-metal splash. Introduced at the 2013 National Safety Council Congress and Expo, DuPont™ refers to the new fabric as “the latest breakthrough in flame-resistant innovation.”

Lightweight strength, durability and inherent FR protection make it the ideal choice for multi-hazard industrial environments. It is NFPA 2112 certified and NFPA 70E Category 2 compliant. Inherent FR protection is built into the fabric and can never be washed out.

DuPont™Nomex®, originally known for safeguarding firefighters and emergency personnel, has become the market leader in thermal protection for workers in the manufacturing, chemical and refining industries. Now, DuPont™Nomex® MHP offers optimized, inherent protection from multiple hazards.

Thesuperior break strength and abrasion resistance of DuPont™Nomex® MHP result in better durability than its competitors. Because the FR protection is built in, the fabric is tougher and more durable with a longer lifespan, which translates to better value.

DuPont™ Nomex® MHP from Springfield also delivers solidly on comfort. The material features a patented blend designed for optimal moisture management and dries quickly. It was the clear winner in an independent study of comfort characteristics, including softness and thinness.

DuPont™ Nomex® MHP from Springfield is the reliable choice for multi-hazard protection. That’s because DuPont and Springfield collaborate on a process that ensures the highest quality product. Garments made of the fabric are subject to rigorous testing for exposure times and thermal intensities.

The fabric also provides a superior professional appearance and longer service life, with less laundry shrinkage and better color fastness. Initially, DuPont™Nomex® MHP will be available in medium blue, khaki and navy, with red, orange and royal blue colors in development.

Nomex® is the trusted name in fire protection. Now DuPont™Nomex® MHP from Springfield offers garment manufacturers and workers multi-hazard protection, proven comfort and market-leading durability.