Lincolnweld 842-HLincoln Electric introduces Lincolnweld® 842-H™, a submerged arc flux designed to meet the specific welding requirements for the offshore construction industry. Great for typical offshore welding joints with narrow groove angles and heavy wall thickness, Lincolnweld 842-H has excellent slag detachability, superior bead profile and smoothness.


• Ultra-Low Diffusible Hydrogen – Less than 3 mL/100g of deposited weld metal in DC and AC polarities

• Consistent Impact Toughness – Impact toughness capable of exceeding CVN values of 160 J (118 ft•lbs) at -60˚C (-76˚F) in the body and cap pass for consistent CTOD toughness

• Outstanding Bead Profile – Smooth bead profile with low entry angles especially desirable for cap pass welding in fatigue sensitive applications

• Excellent AC and DC Operation – High current capacity for single or multiple arc configurations

• High Operator Appeal – Excellent slag detachment and wash-out

• Robust Design – Allows for consistent deposit composition in a central recovery system

This neutral welding flux lowers the risk for delayed cracking and is capable of exceeding impact toughness requirements at -60˚C (-76˚F) and Crack Tip Open Displacement toughness at -10˚C (14˚F).

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