Now welders can work more safely around potential flash fire and arc flash hazards with the new NFPA 2112 & NFPA 70E Certified FR Cotton Welding Jacket (JF2220-GY) from Black Stallion®.

Constructed of durable 9 ounce flame-resistant treated cotton, the JF2220-GY meets ASTM F1506 requirements for flame resistance and is tested to maintain protection through 100 home washings or 50 commercial laundry cycles.  Flame resistance is enhanced by the use of strong FR aramid threads throughout the jacket.

Certified to both NFPA 2112 and NFPA 70E standards, the JF2220-GY is designed for welders who may be exposed to short-duration thermal exposures from fire and arc flash hazards typically associated with Oil & Gas, Utility, and Industrial applications.  With an Arc Thermal Performance Value (ATPV) of 10 cal/cm2, the jacket can be part of a Category 2 PPE program for work with potential exposure to energized electrical equipment.

Six front snaps on the jacket are covered with a layer of FR cotton to eliminate conduction of electricity in the event of an arc flash incident.  These six front snaps are reinforced with leather backing to reduce the risk of tearing and eliminate pull through.

Other jacket features include a standup welder’s collar to protect the neck from sparks and debris, an outside scribe pocket on the left sleeve, and a convenient inside pocket.  The extended 32” length offers additional torso protection.

The new NFPA 2112 & NFPA 70E Certified FR Cotton Welding Jacket (JF2220-GY) from Black Stallion® is available through independent welding and safety distributors nationwide.  Details and information about Black Stallion® products can be found at

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