Top Products of the WeekNew FR fabrics, a mobile LED light tower and wireless gas detectors are among this week’s top EHS-related products as featured on

Battery maintenance essentials in one safe kit - from New Pig

New Pig Corporation has recently introduced the PIG® Battery Cleaning & Maintenance Kit.  Stocked with all of the essentials to quickly clean up battery acid spills and cleaning corrosion off of terminals, the Kit includes acid neutralizing mats, wipes, sprays, a full face shield and an apron.

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CXT wireless gas detectors receive CSA approval

Detcon, an IST company, is pleased to announce that its CXT-Series SmartWireless® gas detectors are now cCSAus - Class I, Division 1 approved. Available in two versions the CXT-IR is equipped with an infrared sensor for monitoring combustible hydrocarbons and the CXT-DM is fitted with an electrochemical sensor for monitoring toxic gases and oxygen.

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New series of Polartec® FR fabrics from DragonWear

Available January 2014

Starting January 2014 we will be introducing a new series of Polartec® FR fabrics that are HRC 2 and certified for NFPA 2112, NFPA 70E, and NFPA 1975. We worked with Polartec® to create these new lighter weight, higher protection fabrics with the goal of keeping you both safer and more comfortable. DragonWear® – the clothes you live in.
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From Larson Electronics

Mobile LED light tower with diesel generator

The WCDE-4-4X300W-LED mobile light tower is a high power mobile lighting system designed to provide efficiency and performance surpassing that of comparable metal halide towers. This high output LED light tower features four 300 watt LED lamps producing a total of 118,320 lumen of light output paired with a diesel generator and control system mounted to a single axle trailer.

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