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● Sadly, there are not many that would. NFPA 70E arc flash is probably one of the most misunderstood safety requirements in industry today. When I do run into companies that have enough knowledge to be dangerous, typically their span of PPE is a set of level 2 rubber gloves and training is a 30-second video of what an arc flash is.

William Schneider CHSP
Safety, Health & Environmental Lead / Training Specialist at Nestlé S.A. / OSHA Outreach Trainer OSHAZOOM, Inc.

● This will be an eye opener across the board as OSHA improves its audit skills when it comes to NFPA 70E arc flash.

Nancy L. Kane, CSP, OHST
USPS Safety Engineering Team Leader

● I agree with William. I have been working on arc flash safety and implementation of protective measures aimed at meeting the intent of NFPA 70E since 2004. I can honestly say that there are not many who understand NFPA 70E on the academic level, I am still learning.

There are even fewer out there who can take what they understand from NFPA 70E and make it something that can be implemented in a practical manner across many industries / varied work environments.

I can honestly say, through experience (about 42 locations cited for about $6.1 million total, settlement negotiations and the commencement of the agreed upon organization-wide abatement process) OSHA is still learning, too.

The only advice I have for others who may go through this type of experience with OSHA: stay “inside the regulatory box,” tailor things for the desired perception and don’t draw unnecessary attention.

Rick Hoover
Owner at Energy Management Group