40th anniversary of Revco IndustriesIn 1974, Revco sought to bring a whole new level of personal protection to industrial markets. That gave birth to the Black Stallion® brand which represented Revco’s principles of Quality, Service, and Innovation. Just as important as the products, was their desire to work closely with distributors who shared in our values of hard work and dedication. They took those ideals to heart and turned them into a sound business strategy.

Now, 40 years later, they celebrate their tremendous success. Their products continue to bolster their reputation for innovation, consistency, and value. Revco Industries is recognized for service excellence and flexibility in dealing with independent distributors. Their Black Stallion®, BSX® and AngelFire® brands represent these values in the welding, construction, and safety markets.

Black Stallion® and BSX® products are available through independent welding distributors nationwide. Details and information about Black Stallion® and BSX® products can be found at www.blackstallion.com.

About Revco Industries

Revco Industries, Inc., based in Santa Fe Springs, California, is a leading glove and protective apparel company with over 30 years of service to the welding and industrial sectors. The company designs, develops, and distributes a full range of innovative protective wear nationwide through welding supply distributors, tool and hardware retailers, and equipment rental dealers. Revco Industries markets its products under the umbrella trade name Black Stallion®, which encompasses associated brands such as Tool Handz®, MightyMIG®, Tigster® and Hybrid™.  More information about Revco Industries and its products can be found at www.revcoindustries.com.