Convention NewsThe American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) is putting together a U.S. delegation to a conference and professional development program taking place in Beijing, China from September 20-27 of this year.

A half-day to one-day forum on Pneumoconiosis tentatively scheduled for 22 September will be followed by a visit to the COS+H Conference, the largest health and safety conference in China, September 23-25. The conference includes a US-China program entitled “Prevention & Control of Occupational Hazards in Work Places” on September 25.  

The delegation will interact with numerous Chinese counterparts representing many and varied aspects of Chinese government and related Chinese industries.


Travel with a cross-representative group of US-based industrial hygiene, safety and occupational health professionals and/or professional staff to represent US occupational safety and health organizations.

Who Should Attend?

Any practitioner or professional staff member of an industrial hygiene, occupational health, safety or related organization is welcome. We encourage organizations to send their chief elected and/or chief staff officer (or representative(s)), board members, committee/chapter leaders, and/or other engaged members who would like to experience a large Chinese-based conference and participate in an educational forum with their Chinese peers.

About the COS+H Conference

The 7th China International Occupational Safety and Health Exhibition is scheduled to take place September 23-25, 2014 in Beijing, China at the China National Convention Center. This Conference is sponsored by the State Administration of Work Safety (SAWS), a cabinet-level department of the Chinese government overseeing workplace safety, and the International Labor Organization (ILO). Participants include:

  • Safety Technology & Equipment for Coal Mines
  • Occupational Health Protection and Equipment
  • Emergency Response and Related Equipment

Among the various industry and government attendees will represent: mining, rubber industry, safety/regulatory officers,
oil and gas,general manufacturing,trade associations, chemical, engineering, general distribution, pharmaceuticals, construction and agriculture.

For more information about COS+H, please visit

About the Pneumoconiosis Forum Opportunity

Details about this program are still being worked out with National Center for International Cooperation in Work Safety (NCICS). NCICS is a nonprofit public service organization directly under the State Administration of Work Safety (SAWS), specializing in international exchange and cooperation in the area of workplace safety and health.

Any US-based organization who would like to actively participate in the development of this educational forum, possibly speak, and/or have logos and such associated with the event may be charged a modest-fee to cover costs related to the forum (to be determined), if NCICS makes this opportunity available to us. Logos and such will also be placed on all related signage, printed materials, etc. if so.

Additionally there may be a speaking opportunity available to your organization. Again, these details are being worked out at this time. 

Return on Participant Engagement

1. Interact with current and potential international members.

2. Develop new and/or further current domestic association relationships.

3. Promote membership, education, and related products and services to participants.

3. Promote certification of respective organizations.

Travel Planning and Management

Each organization/individual will be responsible to manage their specific travel activities and costs associated with the trip. This includes airfare, ground transportation, housing, Conference and/or registration fees, as necessary.

AIHA will share with participants information related to visa regulations, hotel recommendations, air routing recommendations, arrival and departure information, and arrange for group dinners (dutch-treat) for the evenings in Beijing. AIHA will be unable to make any travel arrangements for non-AIHA leadership attending these events.


  • Costs to participate will vary depending on a variety of factors. The following is provided to give you a general sense of what this trip may cost and are all approximations, not guaranteed:
  • Airfare: $2k coach; $7k business class
  • Hotel*: $300/night x number of nights in Beijing (i.e., $2100/US for 7 nights)
  • Food: $150/day (note: most hotels include breakfast with room rate and lunches provided with Conference registration) (i.e., $1050US for 7 days)
  • Ground transportation: $300 (cabs, etc.)
  • Registration fees: assume approx.$800-$1000US but usually includes coffee breaks, lunch, and Wi-Fi in meeting rooms)
  • Miscellaneous fees related to the Pneumoconiosis Forum, any exhibiting fees if your organization elects to participate in that way, etc. are unknown at this time.
  • A registration fee will be required. We will work on a discounted rate once we know how many will be joining the delegation.
  • It is unknown if a separate fee will be charged for the Pneumoconiosis Forum. If so, the fee would be relatively modest. Speaking opportunities may be possible in both the Forum and in the Prevention & Control program. We are working on those details now. Exhibit opportunities are available for the COS+H Conference should your organization choose to avail itself of this opportunity. Full details are available on the website (see below).

Time Line

  • Decision by delegation participants by April 25, 2014.
  • Orientation conference call mid- to late May 2014.
  • Travel reservations made, confirmed, including air, hotel, etc. by August 1, 2014.
  • Retain Chinese visa by August 15, 2014.
  • Final US delegation orientation call early September 2014.

For more information, contact Peter O'Neil, FASAE, CAE; Executive Director, AIHA at 703-846-0760 /