Vendor NewsPerry Johnson Registrars, Inc., is pleased to announce the certification of Evolution Sorbent Products in quality management and quality services under the ISO 9001:2008 standard.

Evolution Sorbent Products (ESP) is a manufacturer of innovative sorbents, or, products used to absorb spills. These sorbents are used around the world for the most demanding environmental, medical, safety, and jan-san challenges. ESP’s desire to create new, innovative generations of sorbents and become an industry leader was inspired by an old saying “necessity is the mother of invention.”

To become ISO 9001:2008 certified ESP was required to demonstrate a top quality management system, strong customer focus, consistently high quality products and the desire and motivation to constantly improve their process. This certification also showcases ESP’s commitment to continuously lead the industry and to meet these requirements throughout the life of their certification. ESP has exceeded the expectations of the ISO certification and embodies the quality management and quality services necessary to achieve such certification.

ESP is known for developing high quality products based specifically on customer requests and needs; such products include Coldform2™, AirMatrix™, UltraClean™, Meltblown and SpillLock™. ESP leads the way for “greener” sorbents using recycled and renewable resources to create high-performance products.

ESP President Bryan Sims said, “In 2006, we realized that rising oil prices and increased environmental concerns would create a need for alternatives to traditional polypropylene meltblown sorbents that were less oil-dependent and less expensive. We worked with researchers at Clemson University and developed the industry’s first line of high-performance natural recycled sorbents and when combined with ESP’s synthetic recycled lines, that soon followed, they now have a full line up of sustainable absorbents that outperform traditional meltblown products by up to 25%.

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