From the TrainingFolks blog

1.       Corporate emphasis on training:  Many companies are operating with lean staff, due to attrition and not replacing staff, and also downsizing during the last few years due to a difficult economy. It's doing more with less. Many corporations see that the investment in training pays off and delivers a better ROI than constantly recruiting and hiring new staff

2.       Better techniques: New standards and best practices result in more effective and efficient training programs. These include positive reinforcement and better use of technology to reinforce training initiatives. Recognizing learning styles together with individualized and personalized digital training make learning easier and more effective

3.       Focus on extrinsic and intrinsic incentives: The goal is to work with the student, and create opportunities to work with the individual’s personal goals. It's a bottom up approach rather than top down, and with today's young employees, it’s more effective in signaling the goals for training.

4.       More eLearning: Young employees are comfortable with eLearning and self-paced study. There is still no substitute for human interaction, but many skills can be transferred through computer training programs. 

5.       Gamification: Using game principles to non-game situations appeals to younger workers. Make learning fun. Challenge the student (competitively termed a player) to learn through quests and competition. 

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