Vendor NewsOHD, Inc., is excited to announce the release FitTrack GoldTM, version FitTrack Gold is software used to operate the OHD Quantifit® respirator fit tester. While many customers have hinted at proactive changes to the software, FDNY was the catalyst for all of the changes in this particular release.

The SQL-based software, originally released in 2012, has bridged the gap between one-man-shops, and large corporations with its ability to store, manage, share, and synchronize data. This new release offers more flexibility with the ability to customize the labels and fields for employee information. The test screen has been simplified, making it even easier for employees to test themselves with clear and simple instructions. Data may be transferred into the software after testing is complete, or the software can operate the Quantifit and save the data real time.

“Our customers continue to feed us terrific ideas that serve to improve software operation,” claims Tim English, COO. “We love being able to respond to our customers and assist them with the best service in the industry.” 

There are other improvements in the wings, and the software will continue to be a work in progress. OHD continues to look for ways to make respirator fit testing simpler and quicker.

About OHD: OHD specializes in instruments used for employee protection. Our line of products include spirometers, noise instruments, environmental noise monitors, noise dosimeters, and our marquis instrument, the OHD Quantifit respirator fit tester. We partner with general industry, fire, law enforcement, government agencies, physicians, military, and a world-wide customer base with the goal of keeping employees safe.