Honeywell (NYSE: HON) demonstrated the industry’s first plant-wide, deployable wireless gas detection system to include multi-gas and radiation-detection instrumentation with biometrics, GPS,  and WiFi or Mesh wireless radio signaling at NSC Congress and Expo (Booth #4537). ConneXt Safety Solutions combines 24/7 remote atmospheric monitoring, GPS-based man-down tracking and real-time data delivery to a central location, resulting in improved emergency response, risk reduction, and plant productivity.

Developed by a global engineering team from Honeywell Analytics, BW Technologies by Honeywell and RAE Systems by Honeywell, ConneXt empowers the plant manager with real-time information to identify gas leaks faster than before, know the exact gas concentration level, and verify where to look first when searching for exposed workers or conducting Man Down rescues. ConneXt can prevent a hazardous gas leak from becoming a disaster, potentially saving lives, reducing plant downtime, and avoiding potential regulatory fines and liability costs.

“This is real-time gas monitoring intelligence that keeps workers better protected, and keeps safety managers and executives more informed and more connected,” said Thomas Negre, director of Global Strategic Marketing, Enhanced Safety/Wireless. “ConneXt is always on, always ready, so that plant safety managers know exactly what’s happening, the second it happens. For example, confined space workers can reduce stress and concentrate on their jobs – and with more protected workers, you have a more effective, revenue-generating workforce.”

The ConneXt solution brings life-saving value to confined space operations for safety managers. Data retrieved from wireless gas detectors can alert attendants instantly of atmospheric conditions or a Man Down situation. For example, when the wireless system delivers immediate hazard information on whether people have been exposed to volatile organic compounds, or toxic or flammable gases, safety managers can take timely action, such as determining whether to organize a rescue, what safety gear needs to be worn, and whether the individual is in a conscious state.

ConneXt provides a wealth of information in real-time. Detection and location data system can be delivered from personal, portable or area monitors to a centralized station, where the information can be used to regulate or verify process controls, elevate worker safety standards and protection, improve asset and risk management, and meet regulatory compliance. ConneXt enables the safety manager to create automated reports and conduct remote instrument configuration and diagnosis. Plant managers can share data and collaborate in real-time with off-site experts.

The system can deployed rapidly, in hours instead of days, and is ideal for plant turnarounds and overhaul, incident response, remote site monitoring and mobile workforces. ConneXt will find a  ready market wherever toxic or hazardous gases are used as part of a process or a byproduct of it, including the oil and gas, petrochemical, energy production, homeland defense, HazMat and wastewater industries.

ConneXt is available in a range of solutions:

  • ConneXt Pack, a turnkey wireless monitoring system for routine maintenance in telecom vaults and similar confined space entries.
  • ConneXt Plus, a real-time, easily deployable wireless safety system suitable for plant turnarounds, overhauls, incident response scenarios and mobile detection needs.
  • ConneXt Pro, a full enterprise solution that delivers the highest level of real-time intelligence in the harshest work environments. ConneXt Pro provides 24/7 coverage year-round; and once installed, can be duplicated easily across many sites.

Honeywell Analytics, BW Technologies by Honeywell and RAE Systems by Honeywell offer a wide variety of gas detection devices to suit all types of applications and industries. For more information about our products and services, please visit,; email or call 800-538-0363.

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