• Product InnovationsThe industry’s first plant-wide, scalable wireless gas detection system.
  • Provides plant safety managers, contractors and utility/telecommunications organizations with portable real-time confined space wireless gas detection wherever they need it.

ConneXt Pack-Confined Space is part of the Honeywell ConneXt Safety Solution – the world's first wireless, plant-wide gas detection safety system. The ConneXt plant-wide gas detection safety system provides plant managers with real-time information as well as 24/7 detection and location data from personal, portable or area monitors. The data can be viewed locally or at a centralized station, where the information can be used to regulate or verify process controls, elevate worker safety and protection, improve asset and risk management, and meet regulatory compliance requirements.

ConneXt provides organization and plant-wide proactive safety and risk reduction and real-time connectivity for improved emergency response, increased productivity and performance. The ConneXt system can also help organizations reduce downtime and costs, conduct real-time collaboration with off-site experts, provide automated reporting (eliminate self-reporting avoidance and incident data errors), and conduct automated instrument configuration. ConneXt is available in a range of solutions:

ConneXt Pack, the industry’s first and only turn-key wireless monitoring system for routine maintenance and confined space entry.

ConneXt Plus, a real-time, easily deployable wireless safety system that can be used for plant turnaround, overhaul, incident response and mobile wireless gas detection.

ConneXt Pro, a full enterprise solution that delivers the highest level of real-time intelligence in the harshest work environments. ConneXt Pro is the solution that provides year-round 24/7 coverage. Once installed, ConneXt Pro can be easily duplicated across many plants.

The RAE Systems ConneXt Pack-Confined Space is now available in North America.

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