Mobility has revolutionized the way organization’s today are using technology to manage and track compliance. With the advent of mobile devices, “being connected” is no longer a constraint. The functionality inherent in today’s mobile solutions improves the total experience by ensuring that flexibility is not sacrificed for mobility.

The Mobile Takeover

Mobility has transformed the way organizations operate.  More and more business is conducted away from the desktop and as a result, mobile devices have become a mainstay. Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) software has evolved to the point where employees, managers, customers, suppliers and more are no longer confined to their four walls. This means more flexibility in activities such as audits, which can be conducted on the go, in the field, anywhere you need to go.

 We are constantly communicating and constantly collaborating while on the go.  Many people today check email, social media, and news using their mobile solution.  So we have arrived at a point in which the mobile component of a solution is essential to result in a system that is truly flexible.  We need to stay connected to continue to leverage our safety and compliance data and we cannot be limited to where we can access that data.

How can we effectively stay connected, and continue to record and communicate safety and compliance information regardless of where we are?

Many EHS systems offer a mobile platform that was designed just for this purpose.

Why Choose to go Mobile?

With the mobile platform, you can make any form mobile within your system and sync data with your mobile device for offline use.  You can work online or offline, and then simply re-sync your data when finished. No need to manually re-enter all of your data.

Many EHS solutions that offer a mobile component allow you to choose a form you want to make mobile—whether audits, corrective action, risk management or more—add the fields and mobile elements you want to use, and then deploy it to your system’s mobile application.  The forms will then be immediately available to you.

Below are just a few benefits of a mobile EHS system:

·         Take Compliance on the Go

Take your EHS management system on the go with the mobile platform.  This capability empowers you to be more productive when you are not at your desk, and collect and report on data while in the field, in the boardroom…wherever you may be.

·         Work Online…or Offline

Using a mobile EHS platform, you can work online or offline.  This is done by syncing the forms you wish to use, then working offline in the field, and finally re-syncing with your EHS system when you are ready to.  All of that data you recorded in the field will automatically appear in your enterprise solution.

·         Become more Productive

Mobile EHS solutions give you the flexibility to take safety compliance with you, allowing you to be more productive—you can more easily stay on top of your tasks and bring your data with you, wherever that may be.  You will eliminate the challenges that often come with manual entry of data from the field—such as inefficiency of having to double enter the data, and risk of human error.  Simply record tasks on your mobile device once and then sync with your EHS system—everything you did in the field will be transferred effortlessly to your system.

·         Mobility Lets You Do More

The mobile platform leverages all the functionality of your mobile device.  For example, you can access your mobile device’s GPS to assign a location to your records, you can dictate using your microphone, and you can even take photos from your device and automatically upload them to your record.  You can also receive emails from your device and open the application from notification links, or digitally sign off on records—meaning compliance is literally at your fingertips.


Mobile EHS solutions let you extend your compliance reach to go further with the data, increase your efficiency and eliminate the need for manual data entry.  Work online or offline, and re-sync directly to your enterprise EHS system.   You can also get real-time information and get notification on assignments and tasks. 

With a mobile solution you will have at your fingertips:

  • A single holistic mobile platform to unify all application needs
  • A secure and controlled mobile experience
  • Real-time access to important data within your solution
  • Ability to work offline and re-sync with the solution
  • The ability to search and filter records offline

The mobile EHS solution is intuitive and fosters collaboration to a greater level, giving you more control and visibility into your safety and compliance activities, whenever you need it. With mobile as an option, you can work at your office, in the field…anywhere. This results in the ability to communicate safety compliance information more effectively and access compliance from anywhere—this is true flexibility.