Educational ResourcesCPWR (the Center to Protect Workers’ Rights) recently developed eight practical worksheets compiled into a booklet titled Strengthening Jobsite Safety Climate by Using and Improving Leading Indicators

It is designed to help construction managers, safety professionals, and hourly craft workers learn about some of the important leading indicators of safety climate as well as ideas for strengthening them.  There is one worksheet for each safety climate indicator identified in the workshop.  For each indicator, users can assess their company’s safety culture maturity level using a scoring scale and then review and prioritize a list of ideas they might implement to improve that leading safety climate indicator:

Demonstrating management commitment

Aligning and integrating safety as a value

Ensuring accountability at all levels

Improving Supervisory Leadership

Empowering and Involving Workers

Improving communication

Training at all levels

Encouraging owner/client involvement

Source: The Center to Protect Workers’ Rights