Educational ResourcesTower crane operator Klaus Coleman sits on top of the world, far above the streets of Portland, Oregon. He climbs up to his crane’s cab well before the sunrise to orchestrate a mechanical dance, controlling about a hundred lifts and movements each day, with loads weighing up to 44 tons.

Coleman, a 20-year veteran on the job, knows firsthand the dangers of cranes. Graphic Products has partnered with industry professionals like Coleman to release a Crane Safety Report, which outlines OSHA crane regulations, engineering and administrative controls, safe crane design, safe lifting equipment, inspection requirements and operating procedures. The report also features a hand signals guide for cab-controlled cranes.

This guide cuts through the jargon and presents compliance procedures in easy-to-understand language – essential for anyone working on or near an overhead crane – to help minimize hazards on the job. The complimentary Crane Safety Report is available online and upon request.

Safety is Coleman’s first priority and the focus of every team member on his construction site. Despite the long hours and potential hazards, Coleman can’t really see himself taking a nine-to-five desk job.

“What job gives you such an unprecedented view of the world?” he said. “I’m a lucky guy.”

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