Aggressively positioning itself for leadership in the occupational health and safety marketplace, Casella CEL today introduced the new dBadge2™, the world's first shoulder mounted, cable-free Noise Dosimeter with Bluetooth 4.0 communications to Apple® or Android® mobile devices. Available in three models, the dBadge2™ package come with the free Airwave™ App that captures every metric needed for worldwide noise exposure regulatory requirements, reducing the time and costs typically associated with personal noise monitoring and increasing quality assurance of noise exposure data.;

"Using the new dBadge2, safety and industrial hygiene professionals for the first time will be able to monitor multiple workers' noise exposure remotely, without interruption, displaying dose, status, level alerts and more on their mobile devices," said Rob Brauch, Business Unit Manager, Casella CEL Inc. "It allows exposure data to be emailed wirelessly at any time from your hand-held device, with comments, to your own desktop PC, or to colleagues and clients, helping accelerate productivity and cultivate a more collaborative working environment. Plus, we've incorporated a brighter, full color OLED screen to make reading sampling results easier in any lighting condition. Optional Octave Band data capture and audio event recording adds yet more functionality geared towards ensuring the hygienist, safety engineer or hearing conservationist has every bit of exposure data needed to fully analyze the environment and prescribe the best possible solution for preservation of hearing health."

Protected from the elements inside a rugged, tamperproof and sealed housing, the dBadge2 is designed to become a mainstay in a variety of industrial applications to uncover dangerous areas and assure compliance with strict OSHA, ACGIH/NIOSH or ISO (European) regulations. Its lightweight, compact design lets an employee wear it throughout their working day without interruption; something made even easier by the dBadge2's new, more secure mounting clips. In addition, the most popular legacy features from the original Casella dBadge design, such as its two-button operation, reliable 1/2-inch microphone, and ultra-secure data storage, were maintained in the new dBadge2, making transitioning simple for existing users.

Bluetooth 4.0 enables users to achieve greater productivity through improved control, convenience and confidence. For example, multiple dBadge2 units can be wirelessly controlled from distances to easily 100 or more feet away, including starting, pausing or stopping sampling, even without a clear line of sight between devices. Exposure data is updated for viewing in real time providing device status and noise level data before and during sampling so sampling errors and artifacts can be detected, noted or avoided altogether.

Another benefit of Bluetooth 4.0 is energy efficiency. It was designed specifically for devices that collect information frequently and is optimized for long battery life. Finally, with the growing prevalence of hand-held devices (HHDs)and apps being used to empower various work related activities, the wireless integration of dBadge2 adds even more justification for use of tablets and smartphones in the workplace for multiplying efficiency and ensuring quality of injury prevention outcomes for the safety professional.

Customers can choose between three DBadge2™ models -- the standard, the Plus and the Pro -- to meet the most demanding noise monitoring requirements. The Plus and Pro models feature audio event recording and notes, while the top-of-the-line Pro model has octave band frequency analysis which is useful for implementing engineering controls and in the selection of proper hearing protection.

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