“One of the greatest challenges in occupational safety and health is ensuring that promising research findings become safer practices on the jobsite,” according to Pete Stafford, Executive Director of the Center for Construction Research and Training (CPWR).

Stafford said the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) has made "r2p" (Research to Practice) a priority, and his organization has answered the call.

In August, the American Journal of Industrial Medicine devoted a special issue to CPWR's pioneering r2p efforts in construction safety and health. In six papers, CPWR researchers discuss key components of the program.

The following links lead to the research team's key findings in r2p initiatives:

Using Social Marketing to Stop Construction Falls

A Model Partnership to Control Asphalt Fumes

Selecting Research Ready for Dissemination

Tech Transfer in Construction Safety and Health

Creating a Climate for Ergonomic Change

Fall Prevention Messages for Latino Workers

Here are links to the official abstracts in the American Journal of Industrial Medicine:

Special Issue: Moving Research to Practice in the Construction Industry.American Journal of Industrial Medicine, August 2015. Issue includes: 

Preventing falls in residential construction: Effectiveness of engaging partners for a national social marketing campaign. Everly Macario, Sandra Wills Hannon, Robin Baker, Christine M. Branche and Christina Trahan.

Moving research to practice through partnership: A case study in Asphalt Paving. Charlotte Chang, Laura Nixon and Robin Baker.

Promoting adoption of fall prevention measures among Latino workers and residential contractors: Formative research findings. Suzanne Teran, Hillary Blecker, Kelsie Scruggs, Javier García Hernández and Barbara Rahke.

Creating a climate for ergonomic changes in the construction industry.  Laura Boatman, Debra Chaplan, Suzanne Teran and Laura S. Welch.