There’s good news and bad news in a new National Institute of Drug Abuse’s 2015 Monitoring the Future Survey. The good news: cigarette smoking continues to drop among teens. The bad news: more young Americans are taking up e-cigarettes and cigarillos

“This new survey should put the FDA on high alert,” said American Heart Association CEO Nancy Brown. “With more teens turning to alternative tobacco products, the need for a final deeming rule has become ever more urgent.

“While the downward trend in teen cigarette smoking is a wonderful victory, this success has been sullied by the disturbing trend of young Americans turning to e-cigarettes and cigarillos, and away from traditional cigarettes. Why are youth taking up these other forms of tobacco, particularly e-cigarettes? Because they want to experiment and these products taste good, according to the survey. All the more reason for strong tobacco regulation that bans fruit and candy flavorings and severely restricts tobacco product advertising that appeals to kids. Even more alarming is the survey results show that when you combine cigarettes and cigarillos, the smoking rates in the last month have actually jumped up among eighth, tenth and twelfth graders.

What more motivation does the FDA need for the immediate release of the final deeming rule? We urge the agency to act now before a new generation of tobacco addicts goes unchecked.”