Innovative new products to protect eyes and hands, collect dust and measure hydration were among the top occupational health and safety products posted on this week.

Radians continues to add protective eyewear with progressive styling

Radians® recently launched three new styles of safety glasses in their Radians branded line of protective eyewear with progressive styling for the industrial markets.

New Dust Collector Filter Combines Flame Retardant, Conductive Properties

The new HemiPleat® FR Carbon dust collector filter from Camfil Air Pollution Control (APC) is the first to combine flame retardant and conductive properties in a single filter that also offers high efficiency, long service life, and energy-efficient performance.

ArcGuard® ACTIVE—Combines comfort, performance & HRC 4 protection

We are pleased to bring to you the newest addition to our ArcGuard® arc flash PPE line, ArcGuard® ACTIVE 40 cal/cm2 suit. Our ArcGuard® ACTIVE line is made from a high performance lightweight flame resistant and arc rated fabric which allows for a greater amount of flexibility and stretch. 

JagCut Cut Level 3 Gloves

The JagCut Cut Level 3 gloves are made from UHMWPE high performance yarn, and are available with two different palm coatings. The high performance knit shells are salt & pepper colored and provide comfort, breathability, and meet EN388:2003 standards. 

JagGrip Nitrile Coated Gloves

The JagGrip gloves are available with two different nitrile coatings, and both styles meet EN388:2003 standards. Their black knit shells provide comfort and breathability, and the knit wrists hold the gloves in place and keep debris out. 

JagTouch FN Foam Nitrile

JagTouch #1181 is an all-purpose glove providing superior dexterity and comfort, and meets EN388:2003 standards.

A real time, non invasive hydration monitor

Hydralert is the world’s first highly engaging, real time, non-invasive hydration testing and warning device for individuals. Hydralert automates traditional manual hydration testing, assists in evaluating a groups’ risk of heat related illness and actively engages individuals in proper hydration habits via self-testing.