EXAIREXAIR’s Efficiency Lab has been designed to help companies evaluate the efficiency of their current blowoff products such as air nozzles, air knives and air guns. Companies can ship these items to EXAIR where one of our qualified engineers will perform tests using calibrated, NIST traceable testing equipment. The performance of the supplied product (air consumption, effectiveness, noise levels and efficiency) will be compared to that of the appropriate EXAIR Intelligent Compressed Air® product. The results will be published in a comprehensive report that includes a cost savings analysis. There is no charge for this service (available to customers in U.S. and Canada only). EXAIR will pay the return shipping via UPS ground upon returning your product(s).  

EXAIR Corporation manufactures compressed air products that can help improve blowoff efficiency, save money and solve process problems. Installation of an EXAIR product will typically pay for itself in a matter of weeks. All of EXAIR’s blowoff products are CE compliant and meet OSHA standards for pressure and noise exposure.

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