New to the conference this year were flash sessions, which offered attendees a condensed version of some of the longer sessions. These 15-minute sessions were held throughout the day on small stages set up on the expo floor. Speakers who had longer talks later in the conference were able to go through quick tips or focal points from their speech for those who may not have had the time to attend the full-length session.

Judging by the lack of seats available for most of the flash sessions, they were a big hit with conference-goers. Some of the topics addressed included data collection, risk management, safety leadership tips, ladder safety, ergonomics, GHS labeling, hearing protection and so much more.

The fast-paced sessions were not intended to cover every detail but to give attendees a hint of certain topics and to help them decide whether they want to learn more. Since they didn’t require much of a time commitment, most people could fit a couple into their day. It also gave attendees the opportunity to listen to a speaker they might be interested in without committing to the entire presentation.