Monday morning’s general session has Polly LaBarre sharing her insights on pushing your workplace to the future.

If we want originality, invention and game-changing disruption – we need people who ignore rules, flout convention, defy the gravity of the status quo, question constantly, and experiment fearlessly, she says. In a world of non-stop competition and rampant commodification, mavericks are the people who invent the future and create the most value. You don’t have to be a born maverick – or a disruptive startup – to push your organization, your industry, or the world into the future. You just have to think (and act) differently. LaBarre’s “maverick manual” shows how to replace rules with values, hack the status quo, embrace and connect misfits and troublemakers and make a system-wide impact – even when you don’t own the system.

LaBarre offers tips for success, which include ideas such as leading without authority, learning as fast as the world is changing, asking more questions than giving answers, and rocking the boat without tipping it over.