3E Company, a leading provider of environmental health and safety (EH&S) compliance and information management services, today announced the launch of MSDgen(R) 6.58, the latest version of its Safety Data Sheet (SDS) authoring system. The new release offers numerous enhancements to help simplify and improve the efficiency of global hazard communication and regulatory compliance initiatives, including a new exposure scenario phrase library, the ability to author exposure scenarios for mixtures, the integration of acute toxicity estimates, and support for new regulatory requirements in multiple countries. 3E Company is a Verisk Analytics (Nasdaq:VRSK) business.

"Our Authoring Software & Services team continues to demonstrate a powerful commitment to innovation. MSDgen 6.58 features a variety of valuable enhancements. The addition of new functionality to streamline the development of exposure scenarios is particularly valuable to companies that fall under the jurisdiction of Europe's Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) regulatory framework," said Uday Virkud, CEO and president, 3E Company.

"Authoring, managing, and distributing compliant and comprehensive hazard communication documentation globally can be a daunting challenge. Our solutions are precisely engineered to help customers navigate the complex and changing regulatory landscape and achieve compliance."

MSDgen now offers a comprehensive, high-quality exposure scenario phrase library in all European Economic Area (EEA) languages to help customers comply with REACH requirements for Extended Safety Data Sheets (eSDSs). 3E translated the ESCom phrase catalogue that was developed by industry-sector organizations, registrants, and downstream users to streamline and improve communication within the supply chain.

The use of standard phrases in eSDSs enables harmonization of risk communication, including risk management recommendations. 3E created the multilingual library using certified translators and validated its accuracy as part of an extensive quality assurance process.

"Our new multilingual exposure scenario phrase library leverages our many years of experience authoring, translating, and ensuring the quality of SDSs and other hazard communication documentation," said Clark VanScoder, senior vice president, authoring software and services, 3E Company. "We're pleased to deliver this much-needed tool to customers seeking conformance with REACH obligations."

To align with the REACH-mandated requirements for supply chain communications for mixtures, MSDgen supports the inclusion of Safe Use of Mixtures Information (SUMI). Users can now author compliant eSDSs containing SUMI or Safe Use Information for Mixtures (SUI). This information can be tailored to the exact requirements of various industry groups and configured to use sector-specific terminology.

The new release of 3E's SDS authoring system also allows users to view acute toxicity estimates (ATEs) that are computed through the MSDgen automated hazard classification assessment process. Users can now include this valuable information on SDSs, helping them more easily and effectively fulfill workplace safety requirements defined within the United Nations Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS) and adopted by many other authorities, including the United States and Europe.

The latest release also supports new GHS implementations for Chile, the Middle East, and the sixth revised edition of the UN GHS by providing new rules along with SDS and label templates. MSDgen 6.58 also reflects important GHS updates for Japan, Mexico, the Philippines, and the United States.

In addition, many enhancements to the overall user experience have been implemented. Users will notice improved search, navigation, security, and translation functionality. MSDgen 6.58 is available immediately.

About 3E Company

3E Company, a Verisk Analytics (Nasdaq:VRSK) business, offers a comprehensive suite of data and solutions for environmental health and safety (EH&S) compliance management. This solutions suite addresses the entire chemical lifecycle and includes regulatory research; SDS authoring, distribution, and management; transportation; emergency response; training; regulatory reporting; hazardous waste management; and end-to-end regulatory consulting. 3E provides an industry-leading combination of a 24/7/365 EH&S mission-control call center and the world's premier hazardous substance database of global regulatory and compliance information. 3E was founded in 1988 and is headquartered in Carlsbad, California, with additional operations in Canton, Ohio; Bethesda, Maryland; Kingsport, Tennessee; Montreal, Quebec; Copenhagen, Denmark; and Tokyo, Japan. For more information on 3E Company, visit www.3ecompany.com.