An anti-fog face shield, fall protection for a specific job and hi-viz cooling apparel are among the top occupational safety and health products featured on this week.

Radians® announces its first Kevlar® Lycra glove

Radians®, a global leader in the development and manufacturing of high performance Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), has added its first Kevlar® Lycra glove, the RWG537, to its rapidly growing line of hand protection.

MSA Latchways® WinGrip vacuum anchor fall protection system available now

MSA Latchways WinGrip is a vacuum anchor fall protection system for use in aircraft manufacturing and maintenance and other industrial applications.

In close quarters or when climbing, retractable tether keeps heavy tools close to body

Minimize dangling tool entanglement with new Gear Keeper® heavy-tool retractable tether

Gear Keeper’s new RT3-5605 heavy-tool retractable tether’s ultra low profile keeps tools close to the body when stored while still allowing complete accessibility when in use. The retractor employs a very low 7 oz force to avoid arm strain when extended, but strong enough to keep the line taught to avoid snagging or interference with the work being performed.

Ergodyne bundles up N-Ferno® line with new hi-vis apparel

Ergodyne has announced today new hi-vis additions to its N-Ferno® Line of warming gear. Now, workers on the cold shift can enjoy comfort and conspicuity from head to toe.

Highly advanced facial protection with Brass Knuckle® Vader Combo

Splash goggle/face shield combo with one-of-a-kind anti-fog coating

If your job leaves you exposed to any kind of wetness or debris being thrown into your face, you need protection—from the sun, from impact, from splash—and even from dangerous, temporarily impaired vision caused by your eye protection fogging up.

Pilz introduces a new safety gate system PSENmlock

Reliable door guard!

Pilz has added the new PSENmlock to its range of safety gate systems. The PSENmlock offers safety gate monitoring and safe guard locking for the protection of personnel and processes to the highest category PL e in one device.

Larson Electronics manufactures an explosion proof LED string light set with 10 lamps

Larson Electronics, a leader in the industrial and commercial lighting industry, has announced the release of an explosion proof LED aluminum string light set equipped with ten 15 watt LED lamps.

Kuriyama Kuri Tec® Series A1243 non-toxic PVC air breathing hose

A specially-designed non-toxic air breathing hose that provides good low temperature flexibility with low odor, compared with traditional rubber hose. Heavy wall construction matches the dimensions of rubber hose.

Key Products for NSC 2016 from 3M Personal Safety Division

Below is a quick rundown of the feature products the 3M Personal Safety Division will be showcasing at the 2016 NSC Congress & Expo October 15 – 21 in booth 1404.