If your New Year’s resolutions include eating healthier meals, the American Heart Association (AHA) has a new resource for you.

The AHA has created an online recipe hub where you can find more than 350 heart-healthy recipes, along with nutritional information and more than 100 short videos that highlight cooking techniques, hacks and tips.

Chef Hamlet Garcia, AHA’s Go Red For Women spokesperson, said the recipes keep meal preparation simple, quick and affordable. “With just a simple click of a button, consumers will have heart-healthy meal suggestions and cooking tips ready at their fingertips,” Garcia said.

A customizable recipe "box"

The recipe hub, which is hosted nationally by Fresh Avocados – Love One Today®, is available in both English and Spanish. It allows users to create personal profiles where they can build customized recipe boxes, find, sort and rate recipes, as well as share tips and recipes via social media. It also offers a sophisticated search capability to find recipes with one’s favorite ingredients or exclude recipes with ingredients that one may be sensitive to or simply dislikes.

The hub supports the AHA’s Simple Cooking with Heart Program, funded nationally by Walmart Foundation, which focuses on improving nutrition by equipping consumers with cooking skills to cook more often at home.

The color initiative

It also ties in with AHA’s newest campaign, +color, and provides consumers with another tool to help make smarter, healthier eating choices. The +color initiative emphasizes the focusing on the positive health impact of fruits and vegetables. 

Heart disease is the number one killer for all Americans and stroke is the fifth leading cause of death. Hispanics and Latinos, however, face even higher risks of cardiovascular disease because of high blood pressure , obesity and diabetes. There is good news in the fact that a few simple lifestyle changes can reduce the chances of getting these diseases, and one of those changes can be as simple as cooking heart healthy recipes.

The hub is located on the American Heart Association’s website, heart.org/recipes.