Too much speed and too steep of an angle of approach resulted in the May 8, 2016 collision involving the cruise ship Carnival Pride in which more than $2 million in property damage occurred, according to a National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) marine accident brief released today.

No fatalities, injuries or damage to the environment were reported in connection with the Carnival Pride’s allision with the pier at Cruise Maryland Terminal, South Locust Point, Baltimore Harbor, Maryland. Property damage resulting from the allision was estimated at more than $2 million and involved the destruction of an elevated passenger walkway, damage to three vehicles on the pier, and damage to the Carnival Pride’s hull and observation and mooring platform.

The Carnival Pride’s staff captain (second in command) had the conn of the vessel and allowed the vessel to approach the pier too fast and at an angle too steep. The staff captain, upon recognizing the situation, attempted to shift to manual controls but was unable to assume manual control at the bridge wing station. A Maryland pilot was aboard the vessel but had transferred conn of the cruise ship to the ship’s staff captain for the final approach and docking per the agreement between the Association of Maryland Pilots and passenger vessels berthing at the cruise ship terminal.

The NTSB’s marine accident brief, ‘Allision of Passenger Vessel Carnival Pride with Pier and Passenger Walkway,’ is available online at