The American Cancer Society's CEOs Against Cancer® program will host Fit2BeCancerFree®, a virtual step-tracking fitness challenge to be held on April 19 during National Cancer Control Month.

"Creating a world free from cancer can start in the workplace when we inspire our employees to live healthy and active lifestyles," said Gary M. Reedy, CEO for the ACS. "About half of cancer deaths could be prevented if everyone lived a healthy lifestyle, including not smoking and maintaining a healthy weight. The Fit2BeCancerFree challenge is designed to encourage corporate leaders to lead by example, inspiring more activity among their employees throughout their workday, and helping us make a measurable difference in saving lives from cancer."

The ACS currently has 16 active CEOs Against Cancer chapters nationwide with about 400 members. The CEOs Against Cancer program unites CEOs from the world's top companies to raise awareness of high-impact cancer mission areas and collaborate with other business leaders to create a culture of health in their organizations and communities.

CEOs Against Cancer members who participate in the challenge will receive a Garmin Vivofit3 that will sync to a live event leaderboard powered by Stridekick and hosted on The leaderboard will track results of the top participants throughout the day of the challenge, and the participant with the most steps logged will receive a winner's dinner with Reedy.

Fit2BeCancerFree participants also receive a nutrition and physical activity toolkit that includes tips for incorporating more physical activity into the workday, and will put these tips into action on April 19.  Participants can modify their daily schedule to include "walking" meetings, taking the stairs and frequent walking breaks throughout the day, while encouraging their employees to do the same and track their own steps.

"As CEOs we play a critical role in partnering with the ACS to make an impact on the fight against cancer in our communities and across the country," said Paul R. Fonteyne, president and CEO of Boehringer Ingelheim USA and chairman of CEOs Against Cancer New England Chapter. "Cancer is not only a serious health issue for many families, but also a top workplace issue for many businesses, costing U.S. employers $225.8 billion each year. Collectively, we can bring the passion, expertise and resources needed to prevent, treat and cure this disease."