Rockford Systems, a leader in machine safeguarding technologies, has forged a new partnership with Lazersafe® by becoming an authorized distributor of the Lazersafe Sentinel Plus press brake guarding system. Designed for the retrofit market, the Sentinel Plus makes it possible to realize the benefits of enhanced machine safety while also keeping press brake performance and productivity at peak levels. 

"LazerSafe is the definitive leader in laser-guided safety systems for press brakes, and we're excited to be working together," said Brian Boes, Vice President of Engineering, Rockford Systems, LLC. "Through this distributor agreement, we look forward to bringing state-of-the-art laser technology to our North American customers so they can reap the benefits of instant productivity results together with vastly improved safety performance for their press brakes.

Building on the unprecedented success of the original Sentinel introduced five years ago, the Sentinel Plus sets a new industry benchmark for safety and performance through advanced optical processing technology. In a standard retrofit, the Sentinel Plus laser transmitter and receiver are mounted to the upper beam of the press brake. As a camera based system, Sentinel Plus delivers exceptional levels of protection, productivity and performance. During operation a continuous block laser field protects the zone around the punch tip allowing the operator to hold the work piece as the tool closes at high speed. If an obstruction is detected the machine is automatically stopped. If an obstruction such as the operator's fingers or hand is detected the machine is automatically stopped. With its 2-mm resolution, the system can detect objects that enter the protective zone from any angle. Close proximity protection gives the operator unrestricted access to the point of operation for increased productivity and unlike traditional light curtains, reduces fatigue by enabling the operator to remain standing in the same position.

RapidBend Plus Technology 

Sentinel Plus Systems provide a significant advantage through its RapidBend Plus technology. By employing a patented progressive muting process, RapidBend Plus lets the press brake close safely at high speed until the punch is just 2 mm above the material, irrespective of the machine overrun distance. Coupled with dynamic overrun monitoring, this maintains optical protection right down to the material surface and effectively eliminates the excessively slow travel imposed by traditional laser-based systems. RapidBend Plus can save operators up to two or more seconds per bending cycle on most press brakes, especially high-end performance machines. Initially this may not sound like much, but when added up over hundreds or thousands of machine cycles, production times can increase by several hours per week.

Sentinel Plus systems also feature AutoSense technology that exceeds the minimum monitoring requirements of the current ANSI B11.3-2002 standard by providing additional real-time monitoring of the overall press brake process. The system can detect failures of the machine control and hydraulic systems that could result in unexpected movement or operation that may lead to injury.

Rockford Systems can retrofit most existing makes and models of press brakes with the Sentinel Plus, including manufacturers such as Amada®, Cincinnati®, Accurpress® and Pacific®. Custom interface packages can also be developed for certain machines that are challenging to retrofit. For more information, visit