Sensidyne, LP, a trusted supplier and manufacturer of industrial health and safety instrumentation and accessories, announces a significant upgrade to the GilAir Plus Personal Air Sampling Pump. The upgrade includes motion detection and Bluetooth connectivity that allows remote digital access to the air sampling pump, and a new CONNECT Mobile app, which is downloadable to smart phones and tablets with iOS and Android operating systems. Now, the Industrial Hygienist can remotely monitor air sampling activities within 5 meters of the pump, monitor many pumps in the same area, receive real-time sampling reports, and determine worker motion and activity levels—all without disturbing the worker(s). Photographs and real-time data can be e-mailed from within the application.

The Industrial/Occupational Hygienist or Safety Professional sees immediate benefits of remote in-process auditing on a smart phone/tablet to ensure sample integrity. These benefits include controlling the air sampling process by starting, stopping, or pausing; reviewing snapshots of current air sampling data; and reviewing motion activity. Remote monitoring allows the Industrial Hygienist to identify and fix equipment problems in the early stages thus ensuring data integrity. The CONNECT Mobile app offers convenience, simplicity, and accuracy, for both the Industrial Hygienist and the worker(s). For more information, visit

Sensidyne, LP, founded in 1983, is a global supplier and manufacturer of industrial health, safety and environmental instrumentation for air monitoring, gas detection, sound and vibration, heat stress and personnel safety. For more information visit