Cotton gloves are often forgotten because they aren't as flashy or exciting as high tech fibers. But cotton gloves are comfortable, cool, absorbent, won't leave fingerprints or scratches, and they're 100% biodegradable. Discover why we love cotton work gloves so much.

This Guide to cotton work gloves highlights the amazing benefits of this most simple form of hand protection.

What are Cotton Gloves Used For?

Cotton work gloves can be used for a lot of jobs. In a lot of cases, these gloves are neglected for other, more expensive materials.

The benefits of cotton gloves: They’re comfortable, cool, absorbent. They won’t leave scratches or fingerprints, are naturally biodegradeable, will not melt to your hand, and have good abrasion resistance.

On top of that, they’re inexpensive compared to ‘advanced’ fiber options.

A Quick History of Cotton

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